‘Moree’ is an Aboriginal word meaning “long water hole”. Before white settlement, the area was occupied by the Kamilaroi people whose descendants still reside in the town and surrounding areas.

The town of Moree has a population of roughly 10,000 people and is located approximately 90Km south of the Queensland border on the junction of the Newell and Gwydir Highways, 665Km north west of Sydney.

In terms of Tourism, Moree is promoted as the Artesian Spa Capital of Australia. The town has a popular, hot artesian spa bath complex that attracts thousands of visitors every year.y year.

Hot Mineral Baths

Moree’s famous Hot Mineral Baths were accidentally discovered in 1895, while searching for a reliable source of irrigation water. A bore was sunk into the Great Artesian Basin, and to everyone’s great surprise the bore derived mineral water heated naturally at 41 degrees Celsius.

The health benefits of the Natural Artesian Mineral Waters have been enjoyed and promoted ever since.

Early enthusiasts believed the hot mineral waters could heal just about anything from rheumatism to spinal paralysis.

Approximately 300,000 people visit The Moree Hot Mineral Baths every year to experience the therapeutic benefits.

Agricultural Tours

Moree is the main business and commercial centre of the Moree Plains Shire. The Shire features a warm Mediterranean style climate and is renowned for its rich, black soil plains.  As such agriculture is the main industry, with; cotton, wheat and pecan nuts being the dominant crops as well as a significant sheep and cattle livestock industry.

You can enjoy air conditioned tours to the largest Pecan Nut Farm in the Southern Hemisphere which produces 95 per cent of Australia’s crop.

Tours are also available to a working Cotton Farm and the most technologically advanced Cotton Gin in the world. (Seasonal)

For more information on agricultural tours and how to book, see this link http://www.moreetourism.com.au/things-to-do/agri-tours.html


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